The Lifestyle

The best way to describe your new lifestyle may well be to contrast it with your old one. Gone are the days of being up before dawn in a futile attempt to "beat the traffic" and the constant dread of the long ride home. A pilot’s license issues in a new era of stress-free travel and spontaneity. Places you would only consider going for a whole day are suddenly available for lunch. Places you would have to commit to a weekend of travel can now be enjoyed for a day. In short, your world just got a whole lot smaller and accessible. Imagine being able to attend a gathering in a distant city with little or no notice or a spontaneous overnight getaway with that special someone. As a rule of thumb, take the time it takes to drive and divide that by three in a typical single engine aircraft or by four in a high performance single engine or twin engine. This is available to you anytime as there's never a rush hour. Can you imagine Ocean City, MD in 49 minutes or less? Lunch on the boardwalk followed by an afternoon of sun and fun on the beach? Just meander out to the airport about 11am and you'll still be home for dinner!

You don't need a jet to live like a jetsetter. Welcome to your new lifestyle!