Our Aircraft

Our clean comfortable aircraft are nicely equipped and maintained to the highest standards. After every 100 hours of flying time each is thoroughly inspected by an FAA certified mechanic with over thirty years experience with our make and model aircraft. All our staff are empowered to ground a plane for any reason at any time.
Each aircraft is metered and rented by the flight hour, not clock time. Everything is included in the hourly rates including gasoline and insurance.

Simply stated: "Safety First"

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N33443 is an IFR certified Piper Cherokee 140 for rental and primary & instrument training. It is equipped with a Garmin 430 WAAS GPS, Dual Radios & Glideslopes, and ADF.


N28QW is an Piper Cherokee 140 for rental and primary training. It is equipped with an Apollo IFR GPS, Dual Radios, VOR/Glideslope, and 3 Axis Auto-pilot.

ATC 610 Flight Simulator

The ATC 610 is an ideal training device that allows the student and instructor to practice all of the checkride maneuvers on the ground.

It is an excellent tool for both initial or recurrent training.

  • Time tested instrument flying trainer
  • FAA approved to log flight hours
  • A highly effective learning environment
  • We maximize use to save you money!

The ATC 610 may be used to simulate all of the following:

  • VOR Approaches
  • ADF Approaches
  • ILS Approaches
  • LOC BC Approaches
  • DME Arcs
  • Airway Navigation
  • Holding Patterns
  • IFR Cross Countries
  • FAA Approved ATC-610 (click for larger image)